Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm a Pushover

I'm such a pushover and I'm a bit irritated with myself. My problem is that I am not a quick thinker when on my feet and put on the spot (not that I'm necessarily a quick thinker any other time!) Ben and David are going to a boys' club tonight at church, which is a good thing. But the timing is such that I'll barely make it home in time to get to tonight's city council meeting. And then I never know for sure when Paul is going to get home so I can't rely on him to be here to provide child care for Sam. But that was ok because Will was going to be here. I had it all planned out that Will would call Paul at 7:15 if he hadn't come home yet and it Paul wasn't going to be able to pick up Ben and David, then Will would show up at City Hall and that would be my sign that I needed to leave early in order to get the boys. Well, this afternoon, Will's friend Jake called and asked if Will wanted to hang out with him while their brothers attended this boys club. Jake is such a nice boy, that I didn't want to disappoint him or Will, and I want Will to spend time with good Christian friends, so I said ok. Now, I'm going to be in a real pickle if Paul doesn't make it home by 6:30 and can watch Sam for me. I can take Sam to the meeting, but I don't want to irritate the other members by having a loud toddler with me! I should have told Will "some other time." But I'm a pushover. And now Paul isn't real happy, either, because he had plans for Will tonight (working around the house and yard). This is stressing me out!

I had Sam's warts burned off this morning. He didn't seem to mind. He was fascinated by the water dispenser in the waiting room and while I made his follow-up appointment, he flooded the thing. I cannot turn my back on him for a second!

This weekend is our homeschool conference. I love those things! This will be our 7th year in a row attending. I buy the boys' books there, but I also attend workshops and come away really inspired to do this yet one more year! This year I need to attend workshops on homeschooling high school because I don't know how to do things so that we'll have a transcript in four years or so that Will will be college-ready. I know it can be done and I know I can do it, but it's just learning the ins and outs of it.

Ben's Namenda may be working. His SS teacher came to me last night and told me that this past Sunday she had her best ever class with him. He actually completed an entire paper and stayed in his seat the entire class. I was blown away! Ben is normally like a grasshopper in classroom situations. And then our pastor's wife told me that Ben actually engaged her in conversation last night. He doesn't normally do that. The doctor doubled his dosage from 20 mg to 40 mg last Friday. Could it have worked that fast? I don't know!

Well, I have to scoot. We have 45 min. to get ready, eat supper, and hit the road. I have to run up to Blockbuster and get movies for the boys to watch tomorrow while they entertain themselves while I am at the conference all day. And then I have to run back down to Indianola to drop the boys off and back to Swan for the meeting. It's going to be a short night, I'm thinking. I need to do my nails somewhere in there, too, I just realized. Oh, and I wanted to write about my new shelves - it'll have to wait until later. I'm already late!

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