Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yet Another Thursday Post

Can't believe it's been a week since I was on here last. Yes, actually I can - too busy of a week. And I was thinking today that next week should be even busier. Monday I grocery shop and do my Walmarting, a day long event. Tuesday, I cook all day and take the boys to speech. Wednesday Ben has 3 appointments - the psychiatrist, his therapy, and then Dr. Steinmann to see if his allergies are doing any better (they aren't). Thursday the director of respite care out at ChildServe is coming out to renew Ben's paperwork for this next year. Then, I have to clean all day, because the next day my friend Gina and her boys are coming out for the day. Then, that evening I have to run Will to a birthday party and get myself to Ladies Nite at church. The next morning, Sat, I have to be up, bright and early, to get to our home school meeting because I am supposed to be the greeter this month. I haven't made a single meeting since August. They always seem to fall on Saturdays that I already have things going on. Then I will need to run over to Indianola and pick Will up. But in the meantime I am planning to enjoy today, which won't be so busy at all and this Saturday, which also should be an easy day. Tomorrow might not be so bad, either, but I am considering running out to Valley West to do some clothes shopping.

This is why I have to go shopping now and I am both irritated and disappointed: I ordered my Easter dress and picked it up yesterday. I realize that statement sounds kind of little girl-ish. I don't get an "Easter dress" every year. But some years if I need something dressy for church for the summer months, I will make sure and get it by Easter Sunday. That's all. I am down to one dressy summer outfit right now so I do need something. So anyway, I went ahead and bought shoes for this outfit, got it home, tried it on, and discovered, to my disappointment, that it really made me look chubby. I guess it's because the top flares out over the skirt which adds width to the hips and then there is tie that wraps around the waist, which visually cuts me in half. So - it's going back and now I'm back to looking for a dress. Count myself lucky that this is the worst of my problems, right?!

Will hurt his foot last night at youth group, playing some game that involved lots of people and balls. He's still limping around this morning, moaning, and I'm beginning to wonder if I need to take him in to Urgent Care. But this seems to happen a lot. He gets hurt, assures me he is dying, I take him in, and they tell me, oh, he's fine. Then it's a total waste of time and I look like a helicopter mom (hovering). Plus, our insurance company gets charged. However, the one time I don't take him in is probably when he'll have something actually wrong with him. And, our insurance company screwed up this week on both his and David's policies. They cancelled them and I ended up having to cancel David's root canal which has been scheduled since December! I called the insurance company, they said "mea culpa" and said the boys are still covered, but I don't have proof until they mail us the new cards. So I'm a little reluctant to do anything until I have that. I guess I could call them and get verbal confirmation Will's visit would be covered. I don't know!

Speaking of insurance, our rates our going up again - $50 every two weeks (pay period). It was supposed to go up $80, but the bosses are going to cover the other $30. This is crazy! This is why we ended up dropping my coverage through Paul's Omaha employer. Although, I do have to say that the coverage we have now through Blue Cross is so good. We haven't had this good of coverage since Paul's Fastenal days back in the mid 90s. I really need to be grateful. I know what's it like to not have good coverage and to be worried about how I will afford to go to the dr. That's really hard.

Well, I need to go hop in the shower, do my devos, and get my day started. Hopefully, the day won't include taking Will in to the dr! This evening I do have a city council meeting. I need to get my notes typed up from that Emergency Management meeting our mayor had me attend for him last Friday. I had thought about doing that right away while it was all still fresh in my mind, but you know me - why do today what I can put off until the last minute? Then I think we are going to go to the Checkerboard for our monthly date. I love that place!

I am also really hopeful that I can get to that post I have been mentally formulating for several weeks now. I know what I want to write, it's just finding the time to do it. I need to be in the right frame of mind, too, because it has to do, partially, with our new president and that subject tends to get my blood pressure rising! I'm better than Paul is, though. I keep telling him he sounds downright bitter. Almost every day he is on the phone to our state reps. asking them not to vote on one bill or the other. Which, that's what you're supposed to do. He has both Harkin and Grassley on his speed dial! I just complain. He actually does something about it. Ok, gotta run right now...


  1. Hi,
    One thing about having a hurt foot is I have more computer time, and time to catch up on your blog. I have to say I went into the Obama thing trying to be optomistic and give him a chance - he is black, and my son is black so on that level I celebrated w/ the world --- too bad that doesn't have much to do w/ the mess cuz I am still overwhelmed to joy that we are so much less racist as a nation (remember I am a southerner). I of course voted for McCain though because I recognized the ridiculousness of voting for someone based on past hurts. The last few weeks have been brutal and I mourn great losses I am not sure as a country we can get back easily-- my speed dial is set too. You and Paul should google Herman Cain, he is local here and is trying to organize a lobbying group free voters -join the cause. He has a great plan and ideas if he can get this to launch. 20000 strong so far -Laurie S


  3. oh and had to use my daughters gmail to post...they didnt offer yahoo so thats why it says Kaylee. lol