Thursday, March 5, 2009


This morning I ordered a shirt from Cafe Press that has a smiley face on it, with the caption, "Happy Mom" underneath it. Will was hovering over my shoulder, wanting to use the computer, saw that and said, "Well, you're not a 'happy mom'!" Excuse me? I am a very happy mom and I pointed that out to Will. He replied, "Nope - you're usually a grouchy mom." I said, "I am NOT grouchy all the time!" Although, at this moment I was definitely beginning to feel more grouchy than happy. Will replied, "Well, you're not happy all the time." Am I supposed to be? Do you suppose maybe having children has something to do with that?! But still - o-w-w-wch! Is this how my kids really see me? This wouldn't be so worrisome except Will made a similar comment about a year and half ago. I know that since he has become a teenager he's more sensitive to my moods (probably the way God prepares young men to become eventual husbands, otherwise no woman would ever take them), but I'm really starting to wonder here if all the boys see me as Grouch Extraordinaire. I don't beat them, I don't yell that much - what more do they want?

I discovered that non of my emails have been sent out since Tues. night. I have a whole outbox full of them. I have tried everything I can to get them sent and they won't go! So I have tried calling my internet guy all morning and afternoon long and he's not answering. He's probably out filing a restraining order on me. But still, I'm paying this guy $15 a month. Shouldn't he be at my constant beck and call for that much money? I haven't needed him in months so it's like he made the last $45 or so for doing absolutely nothing. Grrr....

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  1. I understand the grouchy mama statement. That hurts. One night we all traded places at the dinner table and then acted like we were that person. My son (9) sat in my seat and proceeded to say 'stop doing this and stop doing that.' 'will you please listen to me?' all negative statements. made me so sad. Am I always grouchy? Is that how they see me? I hope they see the loving side of me too. :(
    Hope you get the email thing worked out soon. Very frustrating.