Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 159


Nov. 11, 2013


Day 159


Today’s Facebook post:


First snow of the season...Paul loved snow. Whenever it snowed and he was away from home, he would always call and excitedly ask, "Have you looked out the window?" If he was home, he'd be outside, taking pictures. All my scrapbooks are littered with snow pictures, from trace amounts to foot and a half falls, because Paul thought any snow was worth remembering. For a long time he had a license plate on his truck that read, "LUVSNOW." When the nightly weather forecasters would dourly inform their viewers that a big snow was on the way, Paul would literally be sitting on the couch, leaning forward, rubbing his hands together, and chortling. When the camera would pan back to the anchormen and they would dutifully complain about the forecast Paul would suggest that they needed to a) Grow up, b) Quit their whining, and c) move to Florida. So, today, I'm really missing him. I miss the phone call, I miss him running around the yard with my camera. But if I know our Father's heart the way I think I do, I'm pretty sure Paul has at least one pile of snow in his corner of Heaven. And that makes me smile.


And that’s why I’m sitting here in newly purchased fleece pj bottoms, something I would have never done if Paul were alive.  He was particular about what I wore to bed (let’s just say he was a man!).  But last night I practically froze again in bed and so today when I was at the store I looked for and found some cozy, cute pj bottoms and tops – and I bought them.  I can wear whatever I want to bed now.


Well, it was another too-busy day.  Will spent the entire day hooking up the woodburner.  It was moved to the basement over the weekend.  It’s burning too hot, though, so we’re going to have a professional come look at it before we burn the house down.  And I bought new tires today – I’m feeling very responsible, as a result.  My old tires weren’t too bad, so I kept them.  But they were a little bit worn.  A friend of mine from church works for Firestone and he was able to get me his employee discount which made new tires very affordable!  He and his family met me in Des Moines and then they ran me on some of my errands while we waited for my tires to get put on.  Nice.


This morning David wanted to know why I had dressed Ellie in a shirt that read, “Angry.”  I stopped, paused, and suggested he read the shirt again.  “Oh-h-h,” said David, “I guess that says, ‘Angel’,” huh?  And then today on Facebook he thanked our veterans who “severed” and are “still severing.”  That conjured up some very disturbing mental images for me, of angry soldiers pillaging  some remote village, machetes in hand as they whack body parts off poor civilians.  I’m not really sure how to help that boy.  These are moments that make a homeschool mom just sigh.


This is going to be a short post.  I just realized how tired I am.  Besides, I want to go try out my new pjs in my bed!  I’ll write more tomorrow.  A couple of Sam funnies, though:


·        the other day I heard him exclaim to Ellie, “You stinkin’ lady!” I’m not really sure what she did to raise his ire, but I thought he used an interesting word as an insult!


·        Today he got his own lunch and informed me that, “Since I’m 6 now, I can do a lot more stuff!  And, Mom, yesterday someone at church said they think I’m a lot taller now!”  He added earnestly, “It won’t be long and I’ll be a grown man, just like Will!”


You can slow down a little bit, Buddy – we have time.


Lizzie has a loose tooth, her first.  Guess who is not impressed with that fact?  She’ll say to Sam, “Would you like to wiggle my tooth?”


“No!” he snaps angrily, scowling.  She knows just how to push his buttons!


Poor kid – genetics are not in his favor.  All three of his older brothers were 7 before they lost their first tooth.  I’ll never forget how Ben swallowed his – on his 7th birthday, while eating pizza. 


All right – I must go.  My bed is beckoning and I don’t think my eyelids are going to allow me to remain upright much longer.  I'll chatter on her more tomorrow.  I want to, especially because I had a rather startling thought the other day about Paul's death and my attitude choices.













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