Saturday, March 31, 2012

Signs of Middle Age

I am feeling exhausted today and I don't know why. I actually went to bed before 10 last night and I slept in today until 8. It reminds me of early pregnancy fatigue, except I know that can't be the case. So maybe I'm officially entering menopause? That's a scary thought.

I did have one nearly sleepless night this week, so perhaps I still haven't recovered from that. I got to do respite care for the sweetest month-old baby boy Wednesday and Thursday. Darling child, but he acted like a newborn in the middle of the night. I spent most of it on the couch, sleeping and trying to coax little K to do the same. But I'd do it again in a heartbeat - newborns are so precious! In fact, I ended up dropping a note to our licensing worker this week letting her know that while we're still open to any young child, I wouldn't mind a bit if she happened to find a newborn baby girl for us! Guess we'll see what God has planned.

I spent most of Tuesday shopping. I had a bunch of coupons I needed to use up before the end of the month. I wasn't able to use them all, though, because I couldn't find stuff I liked. That's another sign of middle age, by the way. I took Sam with me because he needed some new sandals and he wanted to look for some cleats to play football in. We did find the cleats at a consignment store. While we were in Kohls the child was singing, "Staying Alive" the entire time. I didn't even know he knew that song. Well, he doesn't really. All he knows is the "Ah, ah, ah, ah - stayin' alive, stayin' alive" which he sang over and over again. When I tried to join him, he informed me that I was "singing it wrong." How do you sing vowel sounds and 2 words wrong?

I did some bra shopping this week, too. I spent enough at Victoria's Secret that they gave me an umbrella. Um, no thank you! I am not about to twirl around in the rain advertising a slightly trashy underwear store! Besides, it doesn't even collapse and retract. Those are the kinds of umbrellas I like. Is that a sign of middle age, too? I had to carry the whole thing through the mall and then I pawned it off on the teenage neighbor girls who will probably enjoy advertising where they buy their undies.

My class went fine last week. There were not as many attendees as anticipated, so it ended up being a lot less formal than I was worried about. I ended up sitting down and teaching from my chair. After the work I did getting ready for that, I find myself seriously thinking about starting an additional blog. I would want to buy my own domain name and it would not be a miscellaneous, family blog like this one is. It would be more for the purpose of writing - very topical in nature. But before I dive into something like that there is an on-line class I want to take that my friend Patty teaches. One of these days!

Oh, speaking of blogs - my post at Jewels of Encouragement went up this week. I was really surprised by the amount of comments it garnered. Here's the link: I wrote about the amazing Leslie Lemke and his equally, if not more, amazing mother. A friend sent me a link of him actually performing and it is amazing! That's too many "amazings," actually. The video clip is outstanding! Superb! Awe-inspiring!

David had his first softball practice today. When his coach called me last week I immediately recognized the voice, even though it had been 22 years since I had heard it. His coach used to be a seminary student at Faith when I was a lowly freshman. He drove the bus I rode every Sunday and Wednesday up to Campus Baptist in Ames. Small world! When I asked him, he confirmed that was, indeed, him. I saw him today - all gray and a few pounds heavier. But then, I am, too. I'm just better friends with Miss Clairol!

Ok, I have to keep trudging along. This girl - ahem, middle-aged person, has got to wake up or I will get absolutely nothing accomplished today.

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