Thursday, March 15, 2012

Here Comes the Sun

We have had an unexpected, gorgeous week of weather. And next week promises to be just as nice. All week long temps have been in the 70s. I had to hurry and finish up my sorting of the boys' clothes when I realized how warm it would be all week. Then, on Monday, I had to take them to town and buy them all new sandals - the older ones, anyway. Sam had some given to him. My children have such big feet, it's unreal. Will fit into a pair of size 13 crocs, I got Ben a pair of size 11 leather sandals at Penneys, and I found some size 10 ones that met with David's approval at Target. Will outgrew nearly all his shorts from last summer. We picked up a couple of pairs at Plato's closet, but even used, they're $12 a pop! I think I'm going to spread purchasing the rest over the next few paychecks, since we figured he still needs 6 more pairs of regular shorts, plus a pair of gym shorts. It is not cheap clothing boys who wear full grown mens' sizes!

One of the nicest things about this great weather is that Paul has been working every day this week - yay! AC start-ups are going, full-bore. We haven't turned ours on yet, though. Of course, I find myself wondering what future days will bring. If the guys are already doing the AC checks at this unheard-of early date, that means that they will finish up a lot sooner in the early summer than they normally do. Then, does that mean they will be short of work, again? Or, we could go back to normal March temps before the month is out. Or, we could have an unbelievably hot spring and summer which would mean that he would busy all spring and summer long. I have decided that I just can't worry about this. What will happen, will. And God will provide.

He'd better, because I discovered that we went way over last month on our internet usage and had a bill for $200 more than normal! Argh!

The other day when we were shoe shopping, Sam saw some tiny crocs in toddler sizes. He said to me, "Mom, when we adopt a baby, I want to come back here and buy these shoes for her!" That really surprised me because I wasn't aware that he was all that cognizant of what was being planned and hoped for. I'm just waiting...Actually, there is a little girl in Louisiana that I am interested in. She sounds just perfect. But, she's in Louisiana, which is not anywhere close to Iowa. I know it can be a bit of headache to adopt out of state. I think I'm going to keep an eye on her profile and if we don't have a placement by Mother's Day (a year since we fully committed to pursuing this) then I may send an inquiry to her case worker.

I got an early birthday gift last weekend. I went to see Sara in the hospital (more on that later) and she gave me my birthday present. Included was this boxed, sparkly, pink pen. Sara told me that I was to save that pen for the day that we sign our adoption papers. I was so touched by this! In fact, I think it may become the subject of my next Jewels post. Right now, we're on "hold" and I hate that. We went through all the work to get licensed, thinking that once we jumped through all the hoops we'd be given a child. But instead, we're just sitting and waiting, all the while thinking, "Well, maybe we'll get a call today..." It's nice to have tangible expressions of faith like what Sara did for me. Someday, we will use that pen!

I had another blessing last week. It was a tough week, as I blogged about it. I was recovering from the surgery (I still am now, but things are going better - had my first non-drugged sleep last night!) and was so, so tired with all that needed to be done. My friend Jody brought me supper last Thursday. I was so grateful because I knew what a sacrifice it entailed for her. Jody's husband is deployed right now so she is doing the single mom thing to three young children. Not only that, but she's nearing the end of her first trimester of pregnancy, which, as anyone knows, can be a mind-blowing period of sickness and utter exhaustion. At least it was for me. But yet she took the time to cook for our family and to haul all her children into the van and drive over and deliver it while Paul and I were at the city council meeting. And she brought me chocolate, which is full of healing properties, of course! I have been blessed with some incredible friends.

Well, I need to get these boys of mine fed. We have to leave in an hour for the final performance of "Flower Power." I am SO relieved to almost be done with that thing. As the date has gotten closer, it has been filled with drama like you would not believe. I'll try to blog about some of that later. I'll tell you one thing - I am so thankful I do not have a junior high age daughter! Holy cow - that age group just feeds on meanness and drama of all sorts. And as I found out, so do some of their parents!

More later!

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