Friday, January 27, 2012

Snow, Trust, the 60s, and my Scribblings

I have been short on sleep all week long and I am definitely feeling it today. I can't even sleep in tomorrow morning (Sat) because we have to be in Ankeny by 8:30 for Ben's Sp. Olympics event. Maybe a nap on Sunday afternoon?

Well, the big news around here is that ... OUR LICENSES CAME!!! Just ignore this if you're on Facebook, because I already made a big to-do about it over there. But I had prayed, very specifically, at the beginning of last week that God would let us know, one way or the other, by the end of the week if we would be licensed or not. All week long I eagerly trotted to the mailbox, only to be disappointed every day. Saturday I woke with a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. It was the last day of the week and there was a real possibility that the mailbox would be empty again. If that happened, I would have to painfully swallow the realization, once again, that God doesn't always do things on my time-table. I hate those moments. Or, we might get a letter, but it might say something like, "We regret to inform you..."

So I left first thing in the morning to do my bi-monthly shopping. Didn't get to go alone, of course. Ben lives for shopping and he wasn't about to let me go alone! David ended up coming too because he wanted to exchange something at Toys R Us. I stood in the bedding dept. at Walmart debating about spending $7 on a mattress pad that I wanted for the new bed that is in the extra bedroom. I wasn't about to put sheets on that thing without some protection for the mattress. But the truth was, we might never have another child using that bed, making the purchase of the pad unnecessary (I bought the pad).

I knew Paul had plans to go to a nearby auction that day. On the way home, David happened to spot Will driving the opposite direction on Hwy 316. I figured he was auction-bound, so I turned around and followed him. I couldn't believe that Paul was still at that auction! We had been gone for a good 6 hours and we had both left at the same time that morning. Sure enough, Will ended up at the auction and I found that most of my neighbors were there, as well. I found Paul in the basement of the house and he told me that he had just bought a complete twin bed for $5. Of course, my ultimate desire is that we adopt 2 children and would, at some point, need yet another bed. He saw the expression on my face though - the one that said, "I think you just wasted money"- smiled, and said, "Have faith!"

I went on home, collecting the mail as I drove in. And in the mailbox was a huge envelope containing our licenses. And the rest is history...Well, not quite. I am still waiting for the phone to ring letting us know a child is ready for us! I have a feeling that it is not going to happen until May, though. I could be wrong - I hope I'm wrong - but it's just a feeling I have.

We found out that we can register at a national adoption registry, which I did this week. I think we kind of excited them because of our experience with and willingness to consider another special needs child. Within an hour of being accepted, I already had 5 "matches" for potential children. All were little girls with special needs. And of course, ALL of them tugged at my heart! How am I supposed to know who to choose? I think for now we're going to wait and see what happens locally first. I know that inter-state adoptions can get tricky.

Want to know what else Paul picked up at the auction? A full size above-ground swimming pool. We already have the highest water bill in town - wonder how much filling that thing will add to it? I have a feeling that DHS will have a few stipulations in place if we think we're going to use it while doing foster care, too! But it might be nice on some of those hot August days. I bet the church youth group kids might like it, too.

Speaking of the youth group, Ben is going to an activity next Friday evening. I'm a little nervous because it's out at Incredible Pizza and he's going to need help with everything from getting and carrying his food (it's a buffet) to managing his pre-loaded game card and not losing it. Basically, he'll need a shadow. And Will is not going to be there. He and some of his friends have decided that Incredible Pizza is NOT where it's at, and they're going to Buffalo Wild Wings instead and then meeting up with the youth group when they get back to church. That's fine and it is does actually make the night cheaper for me, but I'd still feel better if Will was with Ben.

Last night the musical had their first practice on stage. Suddenly, I am the main parent helper and I find myself offering suggestions on wording and positioning. Kids are asking ME for permission to go to the bathroom. Like I know ANYTHING about musicals!!! I think it's more a matter of the presence of authority, although the teacher, who's been doing this for something like 30 years, is actually liking my suggestions. And I don't even like the musical! Well, actually, it's kind of cute, but there are parts I don't particularly care for. It's set in the 60s and is all about women's lib and flower power. Actually, that's the name of it - "Flower Power." Like it or not, the 60s were about rebellion and to have that celebrated rubs my fur a bit the wrong way. Anyway...

Will said that last week when he went to the auction he had Sam in the back of his car and reminded him to buckle his car seat. "So I don't die?" Sam asked. Will affirmed that and Sam said, "Yeah - you'd miss me if I was gone!"

Sunday night someone was playing a trombone solo at church. Of course, the trombone is not a "clean" instrument - it's got a, deep, gravelly sound to it. Sam heard that, laughed, and called out (softly, thankfully!) "tootie!" "Tootie," of course, is his word for a person that passes gas.

A prayer request: a young teenager in our homeschool group in Des Moines died yesterday. He had been battling a brain tumor for the past year. It's sad. Not that any child's death would be easy, but this child was a miracle baby, born later in life to his parents - their only one. And he died on their wedding anniversary, of all days! My heart aches for them. Pray for the Moede family.

A couple of my recent writings are available for your reading pleasure. The first is my most recent (finally!) FaithWriters piece. I really didn't think it was all that great, but I got 6th place in my division and 9th overall, which means it will be published. It's about a really, really embarrassing event:

And, today, at the Jewels website is a rather painfully honest post I wrote about loving the unlovable:

Well, to my delight, it is snowing outside - a lot! That is the first snow I have watched come down all season. The other two, minute, snows we got happened while we slept. Unfortunately, I really need to get the city hall sign changed today - didn't really want to do that in the snow!

I hope it's snowing wherever you are today, too!

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