Saturday, March 12, 2011

Inactivity Report

There's one good thing about all the sitting I'm doing these days - I'm getting caught up on my blogging so that I don't end up posting one ginormous post like I usually do.

I'm sitting here trying to keep from falling asleep. Man, those drugs are potent! I'm attempting to do more today, though. Paul happened to mention around 11 last night that a couple guys from church were coming over today to help with the work. So, I need to get a meal put together. It's going to be Caseys pizza.

Last Sunday was the day my article came out. That was fun. One of my friends actually insisted that autograph her copy! We had kept it pretty quiet, so most in our church were surprised by the bulletin insert. And then this week I got an email from a family in New York who has an autistic son. They had read my article and were blessed by it. I, in turn, was blessed by their willingness to write to me. How thrilling!

Will has said that he will write about having a brother on the spectrum for this website I'm going to be guest blogging for. I couldn't believe it! But I am so pleased. I happened to mention that to his writing teacher and she said she'll give him credit for it, too!

We got a note from Will's teacher this week just letting us know how he is doing since we weren't going to be able to make it to the conferences on Tues. She said he started out as an average student, but has morphed into this real writer in recent weeks. I am so pleased! This is more than I dreamed of when I insisted he take the class. I just wanted him to be able to function in the real world and to have enough writing skills to do so. He's far surpassed that now. His teacher said that she could see a future for Will in sports journalism. I mentioned that to him, but he wasn't too sure about that idea!

Yesterday afternoon my friend Melissa came over and brought us a meal and stayed for a good 3 hours, just talking. Oh, I needed that! I was really kind of feeling down yesterday. This forced inactivity has not been fun. So that visit really lifted me up! I'm hoping to make it church tomorrow morning, but we'll see.

Well, due to my unusual week of doing absolutely nothing, I really don't have any news to report. Today my bedroom closet is being ripped out and rebuilt. That's about all the excitement around here.

Until later!

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