Sunday, March 27, 2011

And the Party Goes On...

But I think it's over now! Sara came down Thurs. with the girls and made a huge deal out of my birthday. She brought me THREE cakes, including one that was an "over the hill" cake. She took rice krispie treat stuff, molded it into the shape of a hill, slathered melted chocolate over the top and poured crushed oreos on top of that to get a "hill." Then she had candles that spelled out "over the hill." She also gave me a bunch of "old" stuff. And she gave me the above sign, along with a tiara and cape that she made. It's all going in my new office when I move in there in a week or so. Afterwards, we went out to Jordan Creek and walked around all night. What a nice friend I have!

Oh, let's see, what else has been going on in my world besides turning 40?... The day before my birthday the boys and I, minus Ben, went to the St. Patrick's Day parade in downtown Des Moines. We had nice, curb-side seats, but I was disgusted by the children, and especially adults, that just crowded in front of us. I mean, people were clear up to the yellow line for the entire parade! How rude!

That night I was planning to go to Ladies Bible study and was sitting on the couch eating frozen pizza, getting ready to leave, when all of a sudden, my sister-in-law, Lisa walked in my house! I about fell over! She and Micheal just dropped in on us. They live in Council Bluffs and needed a break from their hectic household, so they decided to go to Branson. And they went out of their way to come out this far and swing down by our place. They said they came to deliver my birthday card in person - and they gave me $40! I was so touched by that!

Well, my bathroom is almost done! I have never had such a luxurious bathroom in my life. Of course, compared to the one we just tore out (mushy floor, bowed walls, sagging suspended ceiling) just about anything could be considered "luxurious!" I've been enjoying the extra deep and wide tub for a couple of weeks now. Paul got the shower sides up this weekend, so I'm assuming the next thing is the shower head. He installed a toilet this week and I've been using the double sink vanity for about 10 days now. Oh, it is SO nice! He just needs to build my towel cabinet and we'll be good! Yesterday he also worked on the passageway between our bedroom and the office. He's going to put a door in there. He said he wants to put the baseboards on in the office and then we'll be able to move the computer desk and my desk out there. Can't wait!

We got the fooseball table moved to the basement this weekend. It is SO nice to have it out of the boys' bedroom, after 6 1/2 years of it taking up so much space up there! We moved in a desk for David and totally re-arranged the room. Now Sam's bed is over in the corner, in a somewhat private area, blocked in by his dresser and toy shelf. He's surrounded by all his toys and he's happy!

I saw the dr. this week about my side pain again. He wants me to have a pelvic ultrasound and an abdominal ultrasound. He's wondering, too, if it could be related to my uterus. But I don't know. I've had a massive UTI over the last few days, which makes me think it IS my kidneys, even though the ultrasounds on those came back clear. I'm not too anxious to have further testing done and use up more of our flex spending, esp. since I have a funny feeling that my surgery charges are going to wipe out that account anyway. But yet, if there is something wrong - and generally, pain indicates that there is - I really should get it taken care of.

And it's all pretty minor in comparison, anyway. There is a boy in our homeschool group who is 12 years old and just found out that he has an untreatable brain tumor and will live only about 6 more months. Devastating. And this child was a miracle baby. His parents were unable to have children and finally had him in their 40s. And now they have to give him back. I can't even imagine. You might pray for the Moede family, if you think of it.

I am home today with David who has been suffering either with a cold or severe allergies the last two days. I think we can make it to evening church, though. I gave him a sleeping pill last night which helped him finally get a decent night's sleep and he seems to be doing better this morning - just raw around his nostrils. Poor kid!

Ben goes back to school tomorrow after a week of Spring Break. Thank you, Jesus! The week got a little long. He just doesn't know what to do with himself. I've got to fill up this summer with some activities for him. Now they will be back to attending on Mondays, too, until summer break.

And I'm caught up, I think. Paul has heard rumors that they are handing out bonuses at work this week, so that will be helpful, since hours are still way, way, way down. I'm looking forward to some good news tomorrow in regards to that!

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  1. Yeah! for your happies with your 40th b-day!! I still haven't gotten your card to you (sorry!) but I have GREAT intentions...

    Sorry for my fb rant msg last week. I was very tired and overwhelmed. SORRY!!! Life feels slanted sometimes and I know you get what we go through because of challenges with Ben-not many people do!