Wednesday, December 23, 2009

You Know Your Brain is Over-Taxed when...

you say in a previous post that Jesus was born in Nazareth! Duh! We sing, "O Little Town of Bethlehem" for a reason! Well, I don't, actually. That is probably my least-favorite Christmas song. I remember clearly having to practice and practice that song for either a school or church Christmas program when I was quite young and deciding then that I really, really disliked that song! That just hit me out of the blue the other day, several days after I had posted that. It reminds me of last Feb. when I declared in a post that Lincoln and Darwin had been born on Feb. 9th, when everyone knows it was Feb. 12th!

I was at a parental support group Monday night and I made a comment about our kids' with autism brains, "not firing on all cylinders" which cracked up the other mom that was there. After this, I don't think it's just our kids' brains we need to be concerned about!

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