Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Things That Break my Heart

Divorce...babies who die before they are born...and so much more. But those two things are on my heart today, making it especially heavy.

I found out Sunday that a couple Paul and I went to Faith with 20 years ago (I actually knew the husband from elementary school) are divorcing after 18 yrs of marriage. It makes me sad, even though we really didn't know them and I've only reconnected with the wife in the past year. I'm not casting blame or even condemning them for this decision. God alone knows. But it hurts my heart, just the same.

I just got off the phone with my good, good friend, Jenny. Today she was told that her 24 week old baby (pre-born) probably has Trisonomy 13 or 18 - which is a death sentence. She's not hysterical, but actually very calm and I thrilled to hear her testimony as she shared her conviction that despite the sadness, she knew that this is God's perfect will for her unborn daughter and for their family. But my heart is breaking for her.

And I found myself weeping as I cleaned up the kitchen...because of things that break my heart.


  1. Sometimes we do not know the plans God has in store for our lives. May your friend Jenny feel God's love around her during this difficult time. And for your couple friend, even though they have fallen out of love with each other, may they fall deeper in love with Christ.

  2. Sarah- oh honey ain't that the truth? A girl I knew from Walnut Ridge/Burton (her family attended both before deciding) & she graduated ISU a year or so after me-her hubby (who attended a local Bible believing church around her whom Frankie had known all his life) left her for some young chippy he worked with. Left in the ashes-her heart and two school age children. He refuses counseling, etc. I know it can and does happen (Satan is lining up the arrows waiting for a weak moment) but they are both from really solid Christian families, I know she has & continues to serve faithfully in God's house. It hurts everyone- a dream turned nightmare our Brothers and Sisters in Christ wounded in battle a convenant broken. About two years ago I started praying for my marriage on a daily basis. I never had before, shame on me for opening the door to destruction. I once vowed to pray for every couple's nuptials I had ever attended- I lied I don't-ah the best of intentions.
    Good thoughts Joy & Sarah good thoughts. May sad occurrences spurn us on to faithful prayer and encouragement.