Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cellphone Intrigue

When I was girl, I wanted to be Nancy Drew. I spent hours upon hours reading Carolyn Keene's popular series. It was nothing to me to read an entire book in one afternoon. Nancy was so cool - 18 and beautiful, independent, she had her loyal sidekicks and her hunky boyfriend, Ned. And she always got the bad guy! So, as I would emerge from my books, I would begin to sniff around, hoping to stumble into a mystery that I could solve. I never did find one. My life in white, middle-class suburbia was, sadly, mystery-free.

That is, until the other day... the oddest thing happened to me. It just smacks of intrigue! But, more than likely, I'll never know the outcome or even the "why". Wednesday night I put my cellphone on vibrate while we were at church because that thing has gone off before in services and it's a bit embarrassing. So I try now to remember to silence it while at church. I forgot to put it back on the ringer afterwards. I didn't remember until late Thursday afternoon. When I went to do so I flipped open my phone and discovered that I had missed eight calls! It was a number I didn't recognize. My heart leaped into my throat. I was just sure it was Pastor Jeff, calling to let me know of some tragedy that had befallen Will (he was gone all week with his youth group on a missions trip). My hand was shaking so badly I couldn't even get my voice mail to dial! I finally did and there was this lone message, left after the 8th and final call:

"Erin? This is Dr. Brammer."
Then came a slight pause. Then, the caller's voice softened and deepened:
"Your angel is ready. Call me."
Ooh, ooh! Mystery alert! Obviously, this guy had the wrong number because I'm not Erin and I haven't ordered any angels. My voicemail has my name in it and I can see how "Sarah" and "Erin" might sound similar. Why the Dr. Brammer? Is he really a doctor? And what is an angel? Could this be a child-stealing operation and this gal was being notified that her stolen baby was ready for pick-up? Or could it be drugs? It just totally rings of high intrigue and danger. Who knows - I could be mysteriously run over by a black sedan in the next few days because somebody thinks I now know too much. If that happens - it wasn't an accident!
But, alas, I'll never know. I deleted the message, which probably wasn't a good idea. The police might have liked to have had that for evidence. And maybe I should have called this "Dr. Brammer" and let him know that he had the wrong girl. But then, that might have alerted him to the fact that I was on to him. So it's probably safer that I did not. Sigh...we'll never know. Truthfully, I would have made a lousy Nancy, anyway. She had a lot more guts than I'll ever have. But I came this close to a mystery this week...maybe.

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