Saturday, July 9, 2011

Light, Destructive Kids, and the Maid

As I blog, a new-found light is spilling across my computer screen - I like it! Paul just cut a hole for a window in my office. Wow, that is really going to lighten it up in here! Of course, I will be happier once the window is actually in, since the bugs are flying in with the hole.

I am almost done with today's to-do list. And that's good since it's already 8 pm! I'm feeling it, too. Yesterday was a non-stop day. First, I took David to the foot dr. to have his plantar warts worked on. Then, from there we drove up to Clear Lake to pick up Will and another teen from church who had been working. We went to 2 different fast food joints to pick up lunch and then we headed back. It's a 2 hour plus drive. We drove straight to the Indianola pool and got there at 4. It worked out well because we were having a mom "get-together" from church at the pool. That was actually supposed to happen Thurs, but it rained. David was so disappointed that I told him we could go Fri. when it was re-scheduled. So we spent 2 hours at the pool. Then, we drove home and I had Will throw my scrapbooking stuff in the van and I drove back to Indianola and scrapbooked until 11. Then, I came home and collapsed into bed. I was up by 7:30 this morning in order to be at the park clean-up day. Normally I would skip something like that but I felt kind of obligated, since I am on the council. Plus, the mayor had commented to me this last week that he knew the only people that would show up for this would be himself and his dad. So then I felt like I HAD to go! Paul came a little bit later with his chainsaw and we were able to take down a few trees. But I did beg out early. I knew I had this long list to accomplish today and it wasn't going to happen if I wasn't home. Plus, my allergies were threatening to start bugging me. Plus, it was hot. I hate heat. Plus, it was yard work. I hate yard work.

I've got homemade caramel corn baking in the oven. It smells so good! I also made a new dessert that I am guaranteed not to have to share. It's a chocolate cherry trifle - layers of pound cake, chocolate pudding, cool-whip, and cherry pie filling. Yum, yum! Wonder how many miles I'll have to put on the treadmill to walk that thing off?

Monday was the 4th of July. I was sad because Will wasn't here again. Actually, I was mildly depressed all week. I am having the hardest time with this kid being gone so much. At this rate, I'm going to end up in a psychiatrist's office when he goes off to college! I've got to shake out of this! But he's here now and will be around for the next two weeks (and then he'll be gone for 2 weeks straight again) so I'm happy!

Our neighbors (actually, the afore-mentioned mayor) were setting off illegal fireworks Sun. night. Sam ran into the house so excited and told me, "It's like stars out there - only there are red stars!" We did get to Pville on Mon. night for their display - they did not disappoint. Wow - what a show!

Tues. night Sam came into the house and anxiously told me, "Mom - I broke Will's car!" I thought maybe he had dented it or something with a stick, since he was carrying one. But no...he shattered the windshield. Apparently, he had been climbing on the car (which prompted a new rule) and fell. He told me his "butt hurt" so I'm guessing he went down on his bottom at the top of the windshield. ARgh - I could not believe it! Sam assured me, "It's ok, Mom - we have duct tape!" If only it were that easy...I hated having to write to Will and tell him what had happened. I just hope that if Paul is able to fix the damage from the accident, that we can replace the windshield, as well. I have never owned such a destructive child, before. Ben was rough - but he was mostly rough on himself. We made lots and lots of ER trips with him when he was a preschooler. But Sam is destructive to our stuff! I think half the problem is that he is so confident in everything he does. It doesn't occur to him that he could get hurt or he could hurt things because he sees his dad and brothers doing similar things (although I'm not aware that any of them climb on vehicles like monkeys). And maybe we're not watching him well enough, since, after all, we had a long break of not having to watch little children closely. Although, when the windshield incident happened, Paul was not 15 feet away, putting siding on the house. But, as any mom knows, there is a huge difference between being in the approximate vicinity of and actually watching.

I have a cover on my loveseat because we're too poor to actually buy matching furniture. Maybe someday! But, in the meantime, I have one of those stretchy covers for it. So, periodically, I have to throw it (the cover, not the loveseat) in the washer and dryer. Sam knows that when I do that he can play on the loveseat in a manner that he normally cannot when the cover is on. So, I got the cover cleaned and told Sam his playtime was over. He didn't like that, so I told him, "Ok, you can slide one more time." Sam replied, "No, I need lots of numbers!"

Sam just came and asked me to "get a dress" on him. I wanted to write that so I can laugh someday when I re-read this. He's actually asking me to get him dressed, but that's how he says it right now. He wants to run outside for a little bit before he goes to bed. He ought to sleep well. He and David spent all afternoon in our pool and Sam didn't get a nap. He told me just now that it isn't dark and it won't be dark for another "20 hours." Good to know!

I had a phone call this week from DHS - no worries, though. About 16 months ago I applied for Ben to be on a different waiver than the one he has been on because I had heard that it offered more transitory services for young adults and closer contact with a case manager. I've kind of felt like we were on our own with the old waiver. So he qualified and I've waited and waited for a call. And then I kind of forgot about it. Somehow, Ben fell through the cracks and just this week his new case manager received his file! We had a really nice visit and she's coming to meet with us in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I have a whole sheaf of papers to fill out. The bad thing is that his old waiver expired in the meantime, so Ben doesn't currently have any waiver services. So, we need to get this thing moving. Ahh - the efficiency and aptitude of govt. employees!

We are leaving for Missouri this Thurs. and we'll be there for several days. It will be nice to get away for a little vacation. We're going to Worlds of Fun on Thurs. I haven't been there in 21 years - the first summer that we were dating. Will checked the weather forecast and Missouri is saying "hot and humid" for that day - ick. Well, at least we'll be in air conditioning for the rest of the trip to Branson.

Well, I've got one more head to do a haircut on and a very messy kitchen to clean. My writing break is over - back to being the scullery maid.

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