Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Babies and Not Big Boys

Will and his friend, Nathanael have been hunting out here, for the past two days, hoping to get Nathanael's last tag filled. I think they've been having fun, too! Season One ends today at sunset, so they only have about 2 more hours to snag one.

Sunday, while in CB, my sister-in-law, Lisa, came out to George and Dorothy's. We literally had not talked in an entire year. Well, she has two small grandchildren now and Sam observed the little ones, even asking to be lifted up so he could see 2 month old Aiden a little better. Moments later, he disappeared into the living room and came out with his blanket around his shoulders, climbed into my lap, and told me, "I not big boy!" I think someone was a little jealous!

This was the first time I got to see my new great-nephew. This is the child born to Paul's 15 yr old nephew that I blogged briefly about before. You know, I actually feel a little bit better about the situation after Sunday. I got to meet the mother of little Aiden and for her young age, she seems to be exceptionally mature. Lisa and I talked at length about what had happened and I have to admit she is handling it with real grace and dignity. She shared with me that she was devastated when she got the news. But she's doing what she can to help the young couple, get them through high school, and give little Aiden a good start in life. Apparently, a wedding is in the works, but they have to wait until late Jan, when Nick turns 16 - state law! If it weren't so tragic all around, I'd laugh.

The 16 yr old mother, Janell, is amazingly beautiful. Her ancestry is a combination of Caucasian, Hispanic, and Japanese races. She's a knock-out and her son is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. And this is coming from someone who was quite sure all 4 of her own babies broke some kind of world beauty record!

So that's where things are - a baby born to two confused and scared teenagers, but loved nonetheless, despite the tumult into which he was born. Kind of reminds me of another birth we're celebrating this season.

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