Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Musings

Today Sam was going to the bathroom and he told me, "My wiener is raining!" He thought that was hilarious...toddler humor!

Not a whole lot to catch up on today. I need to start dinner soon because I'm leaving early tonight to go to my first Norwex party. I'd never heard of them until about a month ago. Should be interesting - they sell cleaning cloths and stuff, I guess. And you know how much I LOVE cleaning!

Ben had his birthday last week. He got his long-coveted Wheel of Fortune Wii game, so he's been a happy boy. He's been coming down at 6:30 every morning to play. I always send him back to bed until 7am!

Oh - I'm getting published again! I was kind of bummed when I saw that my latest FW piece didn't place in my division. I'm so used to losing anymore that I didn't even think to check the Editor's Choices until my friend Kristi emailed me, saying, "Congrats!" I got 9th place! Here's the link to my story if you want to read it: I wrote about miscarriage this time. I think because so many women have been through it, it touched many at that level. My mom said it's a "three-hanky plus" piece! I have a great idea for this week's topic; I just need to find the time to write it!

So, anyway, that's 5 stories now that are going to be published in FW anthologies - I'm excited!

Paul cut a hole yesterday in the mud room and hung the new door. He bought this gorgeous Victorian door for $10 at an auction this summer. For some reason, I thought it was going to face the kitchen -not our ugly mud room. I really don't like that. The mud room is just that - uninsulated, storage, dirty...and now with a beautiful door! Whatever, I guess!

We still do not have an operating furnace and we're limping along with the one van...stressful times, to say the least. And Paul ended up having 2 seizures over the weekend. But he logged 70 hours of work last week, so I wasn't too surprised.

Well, I need to keep moving. Hard to believe it's Thanksgiving week, already...


  1. Oh how I love toddler humor. Like Aiden saying he pooped out a carrot the first time he went in the toilet. :) Still working on the toilet training, but not diligently at all. Praying Paul can get some rest soon so the seizures do not continue. Now off to read your piece, better grab my tissues.

  2. WOW! Great piece! I have felt those quiet moments in the ultrasound room and the empty arms that followed. The little one would have been Dale and I's first together, and we were already 12 weeks along. Hardest part was that my sister and I were only 2 weeks apart from each other so I had to continue watching her pregnancy progress while mine ended. Doc wanted me to wait SIX cycles to get preggo again. I just couldn't handle the empty arms and got preggo again the very next cycle, thank God!! And now we have our Lexi. :) Still sad at times for the loss of our first, but know it is all in God's will. Thanks for sharing your piece. You are such an awesome writer!!!! and I love reading what you write.